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Aspire USA
Sport Scholarships

Aspire USA is trusted by top academic institutions on both sides of the Atlantic. But we’re also trusted by students and their families to provide amazing life-changing opportunities through a personal one-to-one approach.

We look at the big picture and care about every detail. And whether you’re an academy, college, school, club, student or parent, we’re always thinking about what’s best for your future. That’s our promise".


There are over 4,000 USA universities and colleges offering sport programmes and a total of £5.6 billion in sports scholarship funding available.

Aspire USA work closely with students, schools, families, sports clubs and our university and college partners in the States, to identify scholarship programmes that fits a student’s athletic and academic ability, and financial requirements.



USA degrees offer fantastic opportunities in some of the world’s best universities and colleges. It’s a life-changing experience, but finding the perfect place to spend the next 4 years isn’t always straightforward. The right major, culture, scholarship, additional costs and admin all have to be considered.


Aspire USA provide a selective university admissions and sport scholarship services to talented sports men and women looking to study and play sport at American universities and colleges.

If you’re talented at sport, this is an opportunity to; 

  • Attend a top USA university or college.

  • Train like a professional athlete and take your chosen sport to
    another level. 

  • Come out with a first-class degree and graduate debt free.

You won’t get access to this life-changing opportunity in the UK!




Talk to us about playing elite field hockey at a world class university.

Testimony - Iona Holloway

"Securing a field hockey scholarship to play in the U.S. changed my life, and I owe all of it to Holly. She knew what kind of player I was, the kind of physical and mental challenge I was up for and she found the perfect school for me to thrive in.

Playing for a top Division 1 school like Syracuse University was grueling at times, but winning the Big East Championships and making the NCAA Final Four are memories I will never forget"

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